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Our Story

Hi, I am Gardenia. It's all begins with my simple dream: create my own career in fashion industry, for a independent and self-confident, elegance and fine living. In last two years, I help overseas friends buy goods from China because of its attractive price from jewelry to dresses. In 2016, Gardenia cooperates with several factories to design, development, production, and sales. We are committed to offering fashion design, fine workmanship, very attractive price and excellent service.


GardenJajewel focus on fashion jewelry and accessories for women, men, couple and kids which is the best gifts to any occasions. All is about love — between the people we love and the family, friends and colleagues who we count on to remind us who we are. At GardenJajewel, we help you capture those moments and keep them close to your heart. Through our wide collection of high-end necklaces, rings and bracelets, we offer hundreds of ways for you to commemorate the moments of your life that matter and to keep them forever close to your heart.