2017 Couple's Ring Band Trends

2017 is here and with that brings new trends. So you've found your perfect promise ring for couple, which means it's time to shop around for your perfect couple rings that complements it. With a huge selection of designs, will you go for the plain traditional band? Or will you opt for a piece that fits their overall personal style? Luckily for you, we’ve done some pretty thorough research to bring you a detailed list of the most popular wedding ring trends in 2017.

Rose Gold Wedding Bands

rose gold wedding rings

The popular 2017 trend continues to be the rose gold as the romantic metal for promise rings. The color of rose gold is elegant, timeless and warm. It’s also easy to pair with other metals, so you can easily get a rose gold wedding band to match your white gold engagement ring for example. Celebrities like Lauren Conrad have been jumping on this trend too for their big day.

 Vintage-Inspired Wedding Rings

Vintage-Inspired Designs

Vintage wedding bands are best for wedding anniversary. These bands character ethereal raised edges and filigree engravings, and a popular metal when it comes to this trend is yellow gold, although silver works just as well if you’re going for a truly unconventional classic style.

Titanium Couple Rings

Titanium Couple Rings

Titanium couple rings are incredibly popular amongst couple because they’re very durable and usually less expensive than the more traditional rings. They also come in different hues, although the most popular ones are black, silver, blue, gold, etc. Titanium rings are also quite comfortable to wear and are completely hypo-allergenic, an important factor to consider if you’re allergic to the more traditional wedding band metals.

Twisted Engagement Bands

Twisted Engagement Bands

Whether you opt for a twisted shank on your engagement ring or go for a twisted band to complement a simpler setting, this trend gives your ring interesting dimension. These designer rings are most popular for engagement this year.

These are the hottest wedding ring trends in 2017. Will you follow any of these trends? Happy shopping!

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